Bologna is the City of Food!

Bologna, beautiful and tasty is the best destination where all food dreams come true. It is the City of Food indeed!

At Christmas time a walk into the medieval market of Bologna will make 2 hours of your day a marvel. Smell the inviting fragrances from delicious food as you stroll along these odorous valleys, listen to various tales embodied within our typical cuisines and admire the particular architecture of this ancient shopping center.

You can fill up your shopping bag with all kinds of Bolognese delicacies or taste them right in the historical shops: e.g. mortadella the “Bologna”, tortellini (the navels of the Goddess of Love!) and torta di riso (rice cake made of rice, milk, sugar and candied fruit which go into this delicious gluten-free cake typical of the city of Bologna!).

Torta di riso and other cakes for Christmas

Torta di riso” (sweet rice cake) and other Christmas cakes such as “tronchi di cioccolata” (chocolate bars) or “certosino” or Pan Speziale (spicy bread)

Mortadella and red wine

Mortadella (all kinds of mortadella: with black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios)

Tortellini and other soup served with broth such as zuppa imperiale and passatelli

Tortellini and other pasta in soup (such as “zuppa imperiale”, “zuppa reale”, “passatelli”: to serve them right, broth is always a perfect choice)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

I am looking forward to receiving you here in Bologna.



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