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Jewish heritage in Bologna

It is hard to introduce the history of the Jews and of their religion since it has such ancient origins and such modernity at the same time. We can’t forget what has happened in the past and we don’t want to omit the present.
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The Etruscans and the voyage towards the Afterlife

A Journey beyond life. The Etruscans and Afterlife through masterpieces and virtual reality” is an exhibition held inside the Museum of theCity in Bologna (c/o Palazzo Pepoli) in collaboration with Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum in Rome.

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Bologna in 12 bike stops!

On 28 August I accompanied a group of guys from Hungary and Denmark, travelling here in Emilia – Romagna for work, on a bike ride around the city centre.
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Everything Bologna: a cultural city bike tour!

Bologna is my hometown! Not for this reason I have to say it is really underestimated, maybe because surrounded by other more famous nearby cities such as Milan, Florence and Venice, maybe simply because over the last decades Bologna has gone through important and sometimes difficult social changing which were inevitable for its rapid and massive growth.

However Bologna still remains a hugely beautiful city. And it’s an extremely safe place, except for few specific parts of the city …

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A Roman theatre in Bologna downtown

A Roman theatre in Bologna downtown

During the last edition of FAI Spring Days I went for the first time to see the Roman Theatre in via Carbonesi in Bologna centre.
This tribute to the great emperor, Augustusm, who died two thousand years ago, is the theme also in our region where he left his mark on the development and restructuring of many urban centres and agricultural lands, distributed among his legionaries. This theatre in Bologna is the oldest brick theatre of the Roman era …

The Villanovan culture around Bologna

Today I accompanied a group on a day tour to “Terra dei Villanoviani. Do you know who the Villanovans are?
The Villanovan culture is the expression of an ancient Italian population which some experts believe to be precursors of the Etruscans, while others in more recent studies hold it be an autochthonous population, though strongly influenced by Etruscan culture. For sure the Villanovan culture was the earliest Iron Age culture of central and northern Italy.
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